How do you like the sound of a glass of your favourite spirit of choice, whether that be Gin or Whiskey. Whilst enjoying an impressive tour of a distillery and an insight into how it’s produced. With a range of inspiring distillery destinations to choose from you are in for a treat.

1. Glenfiddich, Banffshire

Be prepared to experience copper tuns, great wooden wash-back and stoned walled warehouses filled with earthy, aged aromas. Proud to be one of the last independent distilleries in Scotland has maintained their traditional elements and pioneering spirit in the whiskey distillery department. You can also enjoy an appetising meal and drinks at the restaurant and bar. If you would like to make your trip even more extraordinary, why not travel there by helicopter.

2. Penderyn Distillery, Brecon Beacons National Park

The Penderyn Distillery has been named ‘award-winning’ after seeing 42,500 visitors in 2017 and reviewed as a ‘brilliant and insightful hour’ for their popular tours. With an extensive amount of history to be found at Penderyn. You will be exposed to its nature and the way it’s made and what makes it unique to other whiskeys. Afterwards, you will be escorted to the exquisite tasting bar where you can have the opportunity to sample a range of their scotch whiskies.

3. The Cotswolds Distillery, Warwickshire

Situated in the luxurious Cotswolds countryside. The Cotswolds distillery offers you an opportunity to view an exclusive range of their tasteful spirits carefully being crafted and stored in their production areas. The tour will delight you with an insight into the craft, taste and smell of their spirits and liquors. To finish off your experience you can relax in their cosy tasting room and sample their authentic creations.

4. The Lakes Distillery, Lake District National Park

In the mist of tranquility between the peaks of the Lake District, you can get bask in the experience of visiting a functioning distillery, behind the scenes of all the processes including the scents of one of the largest Whiskey Distilleries in the UK and a sensory tour of the cask warehouse. The Lake Distillery is a family friendly distillery with a cafe to stop off and indulge in refreshments.

5. Glenturret Distillery — The Home of Famous Grouse Whiskey

The Glenturret Distillery Experience will take you through the traditional art of making single malt whisky which uses hand operated, time-honoured methods. Their hosts will enlighten you on the history in regards to one of Scotland’s most iconic whisky brands, The Famous Grouse. (Ever tried Famous Grouse but never found out how its made, well this is the perfect opportunity!) To conclude you will also enjoy two whisky tastes from their whiskey distillery range.

6. Eden Mills St Andrews Distillery

With its expertise in producing a variety of many different alcohols, Gin, Whiskey and Beer you will be delighted to know you can try all of these products. If you choose the whiskey tour, your guide will introduce you to their whiskies and other products, while showing you the production area and their cask warehouse. You will then have the opportunity to sample their latest range of spirits.

7. Loch Ness Spirits, Scottish Highlands

Owned by a couple who has a passion for premium quality Gin. The family has worked together to produce one of the finest Scottish Gins in the Highlands. On your visit, you can be sure to delve into the origin of their spirits which comes from their rare and local crop, combined with full bodies water of the loch.

8. The Glenlivet Distillery

The Glenlivet Distillery sits on a wild, remote Glen. The sensory tour will provide an introduction to the finely-crafted process of whiskey making. You will also be shown around the cask and warehouses of all the slowly maturing malts. With great history to the name George Smith, you will be enlightened by the story behind how this famous distillery was founded.

9. Chase Distillery, Herefordshire

Chase Distillery known for its Gin is offering an unmissable tour and tasting experience which will unlock the expertise behind their award-winning range of spirits. You will be escorted through the traditional mashing, fermenting and distilling processes, to how bottles are completed by hand. Alongside this, you will also be able to view the fields of the famous ‘Tyrell’s’ potato chips.

10. The Glenkinchie Distillery

As part of the Diageo family, the Glenkinchie distillery holds one of the most supreme Scotch single malt whiskies. Situated only 15 miles from Edinburgh, you can explore Glenkinchie’s beautiful surroundings followed by a sample of a range of Flora and Fauna single malts. To gain deeper background into their history, follow on with the exhibition tour of the distillery.

With so many distilleries to choose from, you should be inspired to come out of your comfort zone and enjoy something new. If you have been deciding whether to visit these destinations and never knew the most efficient way to get there, helicopters are quick, convenient and an easy option to get you from A to B.