Charter a Helicopter to Paris

Paris is one of Europe’s most exciting cities, known for it's incredible sightseeing attractions and luxury shopping. By chartering a helicopter you can enjoy stunning views of Paris as well as traveling in style. There are many luxurious places to stay and dine. Whether you are flying for business or leisure, FLYT can cater for all your needs.

Book for yourself or share the cost.

We believe flying by helicopter should be as affordable and as accessible as possible. So we have two ways to book. If you would like a private charter, simply select the 'Charter a Helicopter' option below, enter your departure point, and the time you wish to fly and we’ll do the rest.

If there are any empty seats on your flight, you have the option to share them through FLYT. Pick this option and we’ll post the spare seats on our Open FLYTs page. The seats cost less than a private charter, so other FLYT members can enjoy the benefits of travelling by helicopter at a reasonable cost. You benefit too – we’ll give you a credit for every seat sold, reducing the price of your flight.