As a FLYT customer, you’re automatically signed up. Simply choose the tier and amount of credit you need and you’re ready to go. There’s no need to ask for a quote, you can book instantly using the FLYT website or give us a call. You only pay for the hours you fly, and, as a frequent flyer, you’ll also earn points to use on your next booking. You can choose an annual payment or a monthly direct debit.

1 hour = 1,000 points

We’ve made it simple to keep track of your points and how far they’ll take you. So 10,000 points gives you 10 hours’ flying time at the best hourly rates*. And, as always, you’re guaranteed access to the latest helicopter types.
Based on our most popular helicopter model, the AW109. Other models may need more or fewer points for the same journey.

Refer a friend and collect more points

Refer a friend to FLYT and we’ll give them points towards their first flight when they join. When they book, we will also give you points to say thank you for the referral.

How far will
FLYT+ take you?

The map shows how far you can fly in one or two hours, based on flight times in our twin-engine helicopters. To give you an idea of points/flight time, flying from London to Manchester will cost approximately 1,000 points. For flights to major sporting events and into Central London, add an extra 250 points.

Book for yourself or share the cost.

If there are any empty seats on your flight, you have the option to share them through OpenFLYT. Pick this option and we’ll post the spare seats on the FLYT portal. The seats cost less than full price, so other FLYT members can enjoy the benefits of private helicopter flights at a reasonable cost. You benefit too – we’ll give you a credit for every seat sold, reducing the price of your flight.

FLYT+ Benefits

  • Speedy,
    no hassle booking
  • Only pay for
    flight time you use
  • Earn points
    with every flight
  • Refer a friend to FLYT
    and you both get bonus
    points when they join
  • No hidden fees
    or extras
  • There are membership options to suit your needs and budget
  • FLYT+ credit
    never expires

Find the perfect helicopter for your trip.

  • Single EngineHelicopter

    • EC120
    • AS350
    • Jet Ranger
    • Long Ranger



    1 hour = 600 points

  • Light TwinHelicopter

    • AS355
    • H135



    1 hour = 800 points

  • Medium TwinHelicopter

    • AW109
    • Bell 429
    • H155



    1 hour = 1000 points

  • Large TwinHelicopter

    • AW169
    • AW139
    • AS365



    1 hour = 1500 points

Membership TypeAnnual or MonthlyNo. of Points
Silver£9,000 - £800 / pm2,000
Gold£15,000 - £1,300 / pm4,000
Platinum£21,000 - £1,800 / pm6,000

Little things, big difference.

The team behind FLYT has many years of combined experience in the world of helicopter charter. We know it’s the little things that make all the difference so we’ve put all our expertise into making FLYT simple to use. Now, in just a few clicks, you can be ready to fly almost anywhere.

Top-notch comes as standard.

We only work with the UK’s leading helicopter operators so you always get top-notch service. All our operators are well-established businesses. Experienced and professional, they guarantee safe, hassle-free helicopter trips every time.

Your safety and comfort assured.

When you book with FLYT, you have the added reassurance that we are committed to the highest levels ofsafety and performance that meet national and international standards.

CAA Licensed.

All our operators are fully licensed and regulated by the CAA. We carry out checks on company insurances, airworthiness certificates, along with aircraft inspections and crew background checks.

Complete transparency.

We’re happy to share our partners’ registered aircraft operators certificates to reassure you that all the right these safety requirements are in place before you book any flight, so you can be sure you’re always in safe hands.

Join us today.